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Artist: Swapna Shepherd

Oil on canvas. Size 60 in X 36 in. 


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Justin Shepherd

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Swapna Shepherd

Swapna Shepherd is a wildlife artist based in Austin, Texas and the creator of the "Far Into The Amazon" Art Series. Growing up as a child in Pune, India, Swapna took an early interest in art, creating cards and caricatures. What began as casual creations soon cultivated into structured works of landscapes and portraits. After receiving her M.Sc in environmental science from Pune University, Swapna aligned her art with her love for the natural world and her passion and desire to preserve the environment, Today, Swapna is focused on conservation art. Her new art series "Far into the Amazon" is an effort to raise awareness of the diverse creatures we could lose to habitat loss and other human activities. These include organisms that are found only in the most remote areas of the planet. 

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About My Earth

We believe that each of us can be personally involved in helping to slow down the loss of biodiversity.  That's the ME in My Earth.  Habitat loss is the result of both active and passive decisions.  When we realize that we humans share ownership of the Earth, along with all of the many other species, we will take better care of it and recognize the unique position and effects we have.  Come on, you can do this!  Join us at one of our conservation events, and remember to follow us on FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Consider buying our conservation art and helping to spread awareness of the Earth's rich biodiversity and what all of us can do to help protect it.